Welding is one of the most important skills within the fabrication process and requires a skilled welder to control the welding arc.   Adams Steel Service Inc. provides Stick (Shielded Metal Arc), MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), and Flux Cored welding services.

In general, welding is a process that joins materials.  There are several techniques of welding depending on the metals/material.

Stick Welding or Electric Welding is a welding method that uses a flux covered electrode that is melted in an electric arc to produce the weld.

TIG is a welding method that uses a tungsten electrode to produce the weld.   It is used when a clean weld is required for materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and copper or when deeper penetration of the base material is required.

MIG is a welding method used to join pieces of metal using a wire-feed arc-welding technique.  The welding machine creates an arc between the workpiece you want to weld and a welding wire that creates a bond that joins the metals together.

Flux-Core is a welding method that uses a specific tubular wire filled with flux.  It can be used with or without shielding gas, depending on the filler.


Miller welders help you get the job done in a wide variety of demanding applications.

  • MIG welders  (MM125 Hobby, MM141, MM 190, MM 211, MM 212 Auto-Set, MM 252, MM 350P, and MM 350P Aluminum)
  • TIG welders (Syncrowave, Dynasty, Diversion, and Maxstar)
  • Stick
  • Engine Driven
  • Multiprocess
  • Multioperator
  • Submerged Arc
  • Spot Welders
  • Wire Feeders