Roll Forming

Roll Forming is a continuous bending operation in the metal forming process during which either metal sheet or plate, tube, channel or angle is formed by being passed through a series of roller dies that progressively shape and contour the metal. 

Our Capabilities: 

  Barstock, Sheet, Plate, and Expanded Metal up to 1/2" thick, 48" long at 48" diameter, 3/8" and smaller, 96" long to a more strict diameter ???
  Angle (1" X 1" X1/8" up to 21/2" x 21/2" x3/8")
  Tubing, Bar Squares (solid or tube) up to 2"
  Pipe, Bar Rounds (solid or tube) Up to 2" OD


Buffalo Plate Roller 8'

Roundo Roller R4

Promoco Roller  RRM 4-40H

Holy & Whitmore Roller 15280

Peck Stow & Wilcox Roller  4J6C

Worth Pipe Bender 137

S Field Bender 3