Press Brake Forming / Bending is a metalworking machine that allows the bending of sheet and plate material.  It forms predetermined bends by clamping the work piece between a matching punch and dies. We can handle both small, fast jobs and heavy duty pressing. 


Our Capabilities:




325 ton capacity  


Bending Sheet, Plate and Expanded metals up to a thickness of:
  • 3/8" thick, 8' long
  • 1/4" thick, 12'long. 


Bending material up to a ½" thick, 12' long  


CNC bending providing consistent bent products  


Sheet & Plate can be furnished bent to the shape you require  


+/-0.001" repeat accuracies  


120" between frames  


9" throat depth  


CNC bending provides quality, consistently bent products  


60 allowable jobs with 250 stations  


Betenbender Brake 10'

Standard Industrial Brake AB325-12 

Whitney Brake 8' 

 National Brake U64812

 Hydra Tool Press Brake 200 -12H

 2-Center Metal Muncher GB - 50





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